About the Jaycees 


The Detroit Lakes Jaycees are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing development opportunities that empower young people to make a positive change. We help the community and have fun while doing it. We volunteer to help others, fundraise for programs benefiting our community residents and spend countless hours organizing events for community members to participate in.

We want to give every member the opportunity to be the best, most involved and supported person they can be. We will work together to help each other achieve positive changes, in ourselves and in our community. Success in the group provides each member with confidence and provides individuals with a new support group of friends, coworkers and acquaintances.

We provide civic and individual development through:

  • Discovering the needs of the community and managing resources to meet them;
  • Communicating effectively in a group setting and in a professional manner;
  • Learning to successfully manage volunteers; and
  • Organizing efforts to make the most of dollars raised and hours volunteered.

All members have unique talents to offer and we want to make sure each member is provided an opportunity to express those talents in projects that benefit the members and the community.

Networking Opportunities: “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know!” We know people in Detroit Lakes! Between fundraising and volunteering, we’ve been in touch with almost everyone. Let us help you meet people. The Jaycees have been known to produce successful business owners and prominent community leaders, and bringing families and friends together. The Minnesota Jaycees provide networking on a state level by providing two annual conferences as well as various training seminars throughout the year.

Individual involvement:
It’s completely up to you as to how much time you are willing to devote to being a Jaycee. There are no minimum meeting requirements or specific number of hours you need to volunteer. BUT, we’re going to try to get you to help with as much as you can. There’s a new experience to be gained at every event. And we all know, experience helps you develop new ideas and grow as an individual. The Detroit Lakes Jaycees are very proud of our members and our member’s involvement and accomplishments in and outside of the group.

Next Meeting: Regular meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. at Lakeside (upstairs).


It all started in...

The Detroit Lakes Jaycee chapter was started in 1935 by a group of young men under the age of 35. The chapter was organized by 20 businessmen on March 19, 1935

The purpose of the organization was to promote business success, train men for work in the Civic and Commerce organization and provide social and educational activity for the young businessmen of the city.

Since that time, the scope of the Jaycees (first called Junior Chamber of Commerce) has widened considerably in Detroit Lakes. Any young person under the age of 40 is accepted for membership in the organization, which prides itself in civic improvement and leadership training.


past presidents


1935 Irvine Lidstrom
1936 Wes Meyer
1937 Glen Smith
1938 Don Quinvold
1939 Steve Fligelman
1940 Parnelle Sanford
1941 Jack Benshoof
1942 Howard Myhre
1943 John Pearson
1944 Harold Eininger
1945 Ray Glaholt
1946 Elmer Hanson
1947 Robert Oman
1948 Carl Randolph
1949 Wally Korshner
1950 Pete Neitske
1951 Richard Blanding
1952 W.O. Anderson
1953 Wayne Lance
1954 T.A. Rogstad
1955 Sigwel Wood
1956 Earl King
1957 James Larson
1958 Duane Wething
1959 Jack Renner
1960 Gerald Price
1961 Bruce Barrett
1962 Dave Knutson

1963 John Hoeglund
1964 Don Engberg
1965 Wally Swedberg
1966 Duane Downey
1967 Robert Bergquist
1968 John Quam
1969 Arville Thompson
1970 LeRoy Squires
1971 Dick Duffney
1972 Larry Anderson
1973 Jim Sinclair
1974 Collin Peterson
1975 Wayne Benson
1976 Randy Bauer
1977 Jeff Grabow
1978 John Ekern
1979 Dale Wesley
1980 Steve Spaeth
1981 Steve Knuttila
1982 Glenn Gifford
1983 David Neil
1984 Al Mohls
1985 Clayton Schott
1986 Dave Aune
1987 Thomas Reiffenberger
1988 Judy Neil
1989 Jeff Radermacher
1990 Timothy “TJ” Foltz


1991 Jim Gulson
1992 Mary Aune
1993 Patti Boller
1994 Greg Nyland
1995 Nancy Motschenbacker
1996 Dana Gulson
1997 Bent Karlsen
1998 Randy Jenson/Paula Nelson
1999 April Foltz
2000 Tom Trowbridge
2001 Chris Throson
2002 Terri Opsahl
2003 Nathan Weber
2004 Brad Erickson
2005 Andrew Gag
2006 Jackie Weber
2007 Josh Bettcher
2008 Nathan Weber
2009 Johnna Thorson
2010 Jon Olson
2011 Justin Sieve
2012 Jon Pratt
2013 Amy Jacobson
2014 Matt Boeke
2015 Jenni Seeyle
2016 Thomas P. Winters
2017 Nate Woodard
2018 Alma Alaniz
2019 Kate Spaeth