About Us
The Detroit Lakes Jaycees are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing development opportunities that empower young people to make a positive change. We help the community and have fun while doing it. We volunteer to help others, fundraise for programs benefiting our community residents and spend countless hours organizing events for community members to participate in.

We want to give every member the opportunity to be the best, most involved and supported person they can be. We will work together to help each other achieve positive changes, in ourselves and in our community. Success in the group provides each member with confidence and provides individuals with a new support group of friends, coworkers and acquaintances.

We provide civic and individual development through:

~ Discovering the needs of the community and managing resources to meet them
~ Communicating effectively in a group setting and in a professional manner;
~ Learning to successfully manage volunteers; and
~ Organizing efforts to make the most of dollars raised and hours volunteered.

All members have unique talents to offer and we want to make sure each member is provided an opportunity to express those talents in projects that benefit the members and the community.

Networking Opportunities: “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know!” We know people in Detroit Lakes! Between fundraising and volunteering, we’ve been in touch with almost everyone. Let us help you meet people.
Join / Membership Information
Meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. Board meetings, which are open to the membership, start at 6:30 pm. We like food and we like to loosen up with libations (if you choose).

One of the largest tasks of the Detroit Lakes Jaycees is fundraising. Our Stag (guys only event) is held annually and is our largest fundraiser. All the money we collect throughout the year is used to fulfill various donation requests and support current members in furthering individual and group development. To request a donation, make a donation or find out more about where the fundraising money goes, visit the Donations page.

Besides the Stag, we have various events throughout the year (social in nature) to attract new members and involve the general membership in volunteering. To find out more about the specific projects we assist with, please visit the Events section.

Please note the group does have a set age limit of 18-40 year olds. If you want to join and become awesome, Here’s what we need from you:

• Come to a meeting - Check the events page for meeting date and location.Pay your first year’s dues. The Detroit Lakes Jaycees will pay for half of your first year’s dues (full amount of dues is $90 annually). If you’d like us to contact your employer to invoice them for your membership, we will do so (and most do).
After your payment has been made and your application has been submitted, you’ll be sworn in as a member. It’s painless and only takes a minute!
You’ll meet new people, build new relationships and help the community through our volunteering efforts. You’ll expand your knowledge of the community and meet people you may not have met otherwise. All you can do is grow here. You’re never alone in this group. We’re committed to helping each other succeed and work in groups for everything.

Please contact us at with questions about membership/joining.
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